[dystopiaq031] htrspltn – all your flowers have blossomed for me EP

htrspltn returns to Dystopiaq with another chilled out release filled with dark atmospheres and abstract beats.

Artist: htrspltn
Title: all your flowers have blossomed for me EP
Release: dystopiaq031
Date: May 29, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Hip-Hop, Illbient
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=350

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01 like an animal
02 don't rush
03 our antennas run into the sky
04 what's in the box?
05 thought throbs
06 sheinrock - motion (htrspltn rmx)
07 sheinrock - sin (htrspltn rmx)
08 hack the system (bonus experiment)

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[dystopiaq030] Dust Collector - Narcolepsy

Dust Collector is a difficult artist to pigeonhole into a single genre. This release is out of left field, and is for anyone interested interested in truly experimental music that transcends the rigidity of a label.

Artist: Dust Collector
Title: Narcolepsy
Release: dystopiaq030
Date: May 21, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Hip-Hop, Experimental
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=333


01 A Day Of The Life In (Standby Your Vanity, Elephantightest, Sandsintransit)
02 Bed Time Stories Part One (Living Room For The Dead)
03 Sleep Part One (Eight Melted Candles, Elevation Changes Eventually)
04 The Third Eye Patch (In Waves)
05 Better Dreams (Dripcastle Mansion, Handgrenade Serenade, Dreamzzz, Nostrilgia, Underature)
06 The Good The Bad And The (Chickering, The Gesture Part One, Humming To The Cemetery, A Gesture Part Two)
07 Nighterror (X Marks The Spots You See With, Relapse, November Seventh Two Thousand And Nine, Ten Heads On A Rusty Track)
08 415 (Disturbing The Piece Of Noise)
09 Bumpinthenight (The Candlemakers' Son, Headquake, Second Time's A Chasm, Tick Up My Sleeve, Rattlesnake Showdown, Rubble Rouser, After Pardon)
10 Bedtime Stories Part Two (The White Dog Like A Rose, Garden Guard In The Back Yard)
11 Sleep Part Two (The Sleep Address, Amnesia Dances, Yes Sir Little Sister, Old Pop Music, Uninhibited Letter With Hidden Intentions/Goodbye Feet)
12 Night Owl (The Swampthing Part Three...)
13 Lucid Change (...The Swampthing Part Three Continued/Cannons Indeed, Costume Balls)
14 Between The Sheetrock (Heartiac Bail, City With No Limits)
15 Nocturnal: A Mission (Hot Pursuit, The Young Prospector)
16 Waterlog (White Dog Fights, A Well Lighted Black Market)
17 Mourning Wood (Questioning My Sheen, The Moonshine's Behind Us)
18 Drifting (Best Day Won)
19 Wonderlost/Wanderlost/Wonderlust (Day Dreams)

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[dystopiaq29] Various Artists - mix-toor presents: This is material music.I do your condition

The first Dystopiaq release of 2012 has mix-toor presenting a compilation featuring over forty unique artists.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: mix-toor presents: This is material music.I do your condition
Release: dystopiaq029
Date: February 7, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Illbient, Hip-Hop

Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=307


01. mix-toor – Material Music
02. The Broke Unknown – Lisboa
03. Tronx – It's Not Jazz
04. Astro – Lo Vibes Everyday
05. 100R feat m-one beat– Let’s Play
06. Glyphick – Latenite Cruise 2
07. A-Rookie – Depth
08. Sátt – Sea
09. Solarr – You're On My Mind
10. Charton Push – Mrnng Frshnss
11. Cao Sao Vang - Voodoo Night Dance
12. Whitewu – Futility
13. Bona Fat – Obligate Community
14. choco.bear – Somewhere
15. htrspltn – I Want You To Get Mad
16. JP Balboa – Visions
17. knhbtz – Nevermore
18. Pavel Ku – Haze In The Autumn
19. Funky Monkee – My Homeland Is Space (Remix)
20. Masta Kate - Choose Wisely
21. After Loop – Mint Bytes
22. Prof.Logik – Bummed Ticker
23. JA:KOVA – Alone again

1. Amai – Awake In Bed
2. carma – Day In Life
3. Mononome - Evil Men
4. .Abe – Acceptance
5. StUpor – Youth
6. Metaharmoniks – Chacha (feat. S. Kuznetcov)
7. InfiniteWays – Winter Night
8. Weirddough – 3rdear
9. m-one beat – Anti
10. ManOnWire – Creature From Another Time
11. Crookram – Slon
12. Az Matter – Huricane
13. RainbowRush8 – Atmospheric Pressure
14. Rozzy – Undeathinded
15. Lafumio – Streets
16. 3DG – Times're Changin'
17. wMP – Lonely
18. Areh – Name
19. Sweet Love Beatz – Engine Boy
20. Jahzoviy – The Pair Inspiration Of Depth
21. Cardio Rhythm – Falling Stars
22. New Blaze - Wonderful (Brooklyn Romantics)
23. JBbeatz – Love Theme

Artworks by m-ome beat
Mastered by mix-toor

[dystopiaq028] The Mannkeyz – Loss On The Imagine Channel

Dystopiaq is proud to present the new release from The Mannkeyz. Abstract beats, illbient scapes, and some new faces.

Artist: The Mannkeyz
Title: Loss On The Imagine Channel
Release: dystopiaq028
Date: December 27, 2011
Genre: Abstract, Illbient, Hip-Hop
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=288


1. mix-toor – The Mannkeyz Channel
2. htrspltn – LSD Radio
3. Rozzy –We Are All Children Of God
4. Oh! Dee – Through The Wires
5. Az Matter – Expansion
6. Solarr – Mell0w
7. Rozzy – Zoutcost
8. mix-toor – Add Ge
9. htrspltn – My Brain Has Had It
10.Oh! Dee – White Girls Theme
11.Az Matter – Calm Mind
12.Rozzy – Sommalove
13.mix-toor – Imagine Of Media
14.Solarr – Not Here Anymore
15.htrspltn – Hype And Sick
16.Oh! Dee – BlueBit (+ Max Tovstyi)
17.Az Matter – Midnight Road
18.mix-toor – Willow (+RetroKilla)
19.Solarr – You Have Me
20.Rozzy – Onmywayhome
21.htrspltn – A Room Between The Rooms
22.mix-toor – Moving Forward (Secret DNA)
23.Rozzy – Lighttpd
24.Az Matter – Game Over
25.htrspltn – Ohrwurm

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by The Mannkeyz
Artwork by m-one 

[dystopiaq027] Ambient Anonymous - Twilight of Empire

Ambient Anonymous returns with his second release from Dystopiaq.

Artist: Ambient Anonymous
Title: Twilight of Empire
Label: Dystopiaq
Release: dystopiaq027
Date: November 29, 2011
Genre: Ambient, IDM, Breaks


01 Haematoxylin Eosin
02 Pipelineistan
03 IMF Austerity Ghouls
04 Several Stimuli Severed
05 July 1914
06 Song of the Golden Fish (remix of Azotic Compounds Laboratory)
07 Written on the Walls of Dead Cities
08 Limousine Liberals

"The calm before the storm, the moment when summer turns to autumn, when rebellion turns to war...severed and stained with haematoxylin & eosin, analysed cells that watch with disinterest, as the prospectors stake their claims on Pipelineistan, as the limousine liberals preach genocidal austerity, as a fist shatters the gentle schooling of a thousand golden fish...our futile chains must begin to rattle, to rouse the slumbering barbarian at this twilight hour, before we become merely tourists of history, our names written on the walls of dead cities..."

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[dystopiaq026] HOOSTLA - REBEAUTY 0.1

Dystopiaq is proud to present HOOSTLA, an experimental electronic project based in Siberia.

Title: REBEAUTY 0.1
Release: dystopiaq026
Date: November 15, 2011
Genres: Experimental, Electronic
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=233


02 Miraculum
04 Shaxx
05 Plankton Froostrache

[dystopiaq025] Incentive - Incentive


Nearly a year in production, Incentive’s self-titled is finally available from Dystopiaq. Be prepared, because your computer will explode.

Artist: Incentive
Title: Incentive
Release: dystopiaq025
Date: October 24, 2011
Genres: IDM, Minimal, Technoid

02 Chomin
03 got the nails
04 Peasant
05 6AM
06 Candle
07 V
08 Osiris
09 Solecism (album version)
10 Memory
11 Acid Dance

[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0]

[dystopiaq024] Alexander Chereshnev - Diskotanz

Artist: Alexander Chereshnev
Title: Diskotanz
Release: dystopiaq024
Date: July 5, 2011
Genre: Technopop, Minimal, Electronic

Download at Archive.org.

01 Diskotanz

Produced by Alexander Chereshnev
Vocals by Bigbonobo

Creative Commons License
Diskotanz by Alexander Chereshnev is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

[dystopiaq021] Rozzy & mix-toor - Korsakov’s 18/32

Artist: Rozzy & mix-toor
Title: Korsakov’s 18/32
Release: dystopiaq021
Date: June 14, 2011
Genres: Experimental, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Abstract

Download at Archive.org.

01. Korsakov’s 18/32 [made:mix-toor, Rozzy]
02. Midnight India [made: Rozzy]
03. Do U Wanna Some Glitch? [made:Rozzy]
04. Deep Donor Level [made:mix-toor]
05. In The Heart of The Mood [made:mix-toor]

Thanx to The Mannkeyz, Fonky mokee, d_c, vladi, and to all who trust us.

Creative Commons License
Korsakov’s 18/32 by Rozzy & mix-toor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

[dystopiaq020] Various - Dystopiaq 3

Artist: Various
Title: Dystopiaq 3
Release: dystopiaq020
Date: June 7, 2011
Genres: Electronic, Ambient, Synthpop, Broken-Beat, Microtune, Trip-Hop, Breaks, IDM, Rock, Improvisation, Hip-Hop, Avant-Garde, Experimental
Download at Archive.org.

01. Azotic Compounds Laboratory – Eclipse (3:36)
02. Nick R 61 – Mulatto (4:27)
03. Fature – Mindstream (5:02)
04. Flaccid Redux – |<0tb (edit) (2:35)
05. catchers of mad wreck – 3 palms 1 finger (4:15)
06. Ambient Anonymous – Perpetual War (5:12)
07. Incentive – Solecism (6:18)
08. Zombie Ninja Schmoe – it’s more like a bad dream (0:38)
09. Tucker the Circuit – Mission Panther 236 (4:21)
10. O.B.B.B.M:\/ – Italotillian Schizochic Garmet District (7:48)
11. ShakySuperFly – Lazy, Thoughtless Music (2:01)
12. Scissor Shock – psychic existentialist (6:02)
13. je.vi – Escape Rober Steemp (2:27)

Produced and Compiled by Incentive
Artwork by je.vi

Creative Commons License
Dystopiaq 3 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


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